Turning the Special into the Supernatural

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In my last blog, “Building the Emotional Bank Account” I talked about my daughter Gianna’s first slumber party. I teased you by referring to a special event at the climax of the party.

After eating dinner and dessert, playing games, and playing on the trampoline and play set outside, we made the girls stay outside in anticipation of our special treat. My husband, Gianna’s brothers, and I then went into action–setting the mood for a spa experience. We dimmed the lights and put on some relaxing, slow Eric Clapton tunes. We arranged a seat for each girl with a basin of water and special scented soap for her feet and her individual party favors: a jar of nail polish, a towel, a nail file, and a buffer to clean her feet.

The girls were in awe when they came back into our family room. They found their spots on the floor. We guided them through giving themselves a pedicure. Once completed, the girls were able to sit in my husband Joe’s massaging chair while massaging their feet on the electronic foot massager. There were lots of laughter and smiles were not in short supply.

During the pedicure, one of the girls said she just wanted to stay here forever. One of the mothers called me up after the party and said her daughter said it was the best party she had ever been to, especially when Gianna’s four-year-old brother Benjamin was blowing on each of the girls’ painted toe nails to help them dry.

It was definitely a night to remember. It was special.

But, it was also supernatural.

Our daughter will probably end up attending school with some of these girls for 15 years. These girls and their families will either help our daughter be a strong witness for Christ throughout middle school and high school or be an impediment to the same.

We are grateful to be blessed with wonderful classmates and families. But, those relationships still need to be built. I want every one of those girls and their parents to feel very comfortable in our home. I want to help create rich and joy-filled memories. I want our daughter to have everything she needs to fulfill the awesome mission God has in store for her, including a set of really fantastic girlfriends.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Help your kids build up those relationships in Christ early to make it easier for them to do what God wants them to do in the future.

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