Train Wreck

With my first book out the next month or two and conversations with my coach about what to expect, an uneasy feeling enveloped me. With the vision of increasing demands on my time with possible [...]


God of Division

High on the list of unpleasantries for Catholics striving for integration and authenticity is sticking with a faith principle that creates discord with a family member. I have such a dynamic in [...]


Wedding Day

Those who think Catholicism is for prudes haven’t read Blessed Pope John Paul II’s encyclical “The Theology of the Body”. Details down to the physical design of our bodies intentionally [...]


A Busy Mind

While I was seated in a parking stall in the YMCA lot fiddling with my phone before my workout, an SUV began to turn the stall directly in front of me. A woman with several kids slowly turned her [...]


What’s the point?

Mary Magdalene looked into the empty tomb saying, “Where did they put my Lord?” What if they never found him? What if Jesus never appeared to the 12, on the road to Emmaus, and the numerous other [...]

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