3 Stages of Trust That Allow You to Expand in Your Business and Life

 In Abundance Principles for Christian Entrepreneurs

For the past 18 years I have been attending an annual Ignatius Silent Retreat. It is an opportunity for deeper intimacy with God and allows one to be intentional about where you are heading in your spiritual life.

We use a tool that helps us create a roadmap for the coming year. With the help of spiritual directors we identify our root sin. Rather than attack that root sin for the next 12 months, we figure out and focus on developing an opposing virtue.  

For me that virtue is “trust”.

There is a strong connection between developing “trust” in your spiritual journey with growing a successful business. I invite you to assess yourself on where you fall in these three stages of trust that I describe:


In this stage you trust the clarity you strive for in understanding where God wants you to go in your professional and personal life. This is about vision. Without a vision, you are not on the playing field where you can even grow in trust. You don’t know where you are headed. You can’t consider logical steps to get there. And you often live in circular patterns of self-doubt and fruitless action.

No one fully understand where God wants to take you and how he wants to use your talents. And thank the Lord for that! Would you really want to know all of the gory details?  Knowing the general direction allows you to take the next steps to get there. The vision will continue to unfold as you do.


With a big vision, you cannot do it alone. And if you can accomplish your dreams alone, you are thinking too small. Have confidence that God will lead the right people to you and repel the wrong ones from you. Occasionally, the wrong person will slip in or you will hesitate on the footwork to attract the right team member. Your openness to the people and resources God puts in your path paves a more peaceful experience to your destination.


As you are taking on new experiences and exploring new territory, you will make mistakes.  You will disappoint people, including yourself. And, especially for you perfectionists out there, a flattering word for procrastinators, this will feel extremely uncomfortable. Some days you will want to turn around and crawl into a hole. I know I have felt that way. There will be some casualties:  

  • clients and prospects who expect everything to go without a glitch,
  • people in relationships who discard you because you don’t live up to their impossible standards,
  • and opportunities you will just blow by showing up late or not at all.

Trust me and let them go. Pining over these drains your energy and having them will just add stress and discontent to your life.  You will learn from these oversights, and put corrections in place. Before you know it, you will see your beautiful vision unfold like Dorothy laying her eyes on the Emerald City.


It may look easy but the three stages above outline a lifetime roadmap for success. Your next move is to figure out which stage you are in and identify what resources you will use to move forward.

If you don’t currently have a guide, I would love to help you. I can walk you through how to assess where you are, get clarity, and figure out your next steps in my Manifesting Your Vision session. To schedule your session, go to http://talkwithchristina.com/

Christian Entrepreneur Biz and Life Tip:  An inability to trust or trusting in the wrong things fosters insecurity, doubt, frustration, and emotional pain. If you find yourself there, stop breathing in the same recirculated area and let someone in, i.e., trust them to help you find a new path.  

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