3 Stages to Journey from Sabotage to Breakthrough

 In Abundance Principles for Christian Entrepreneurs

I never imagined how helpful my mental health background would really be in my role as a Christian Entrepreneur Consultant and Coach.  

Your skill in the mind game predicts your success in business in life (as you define it in your personal vision).

I’m a “master manifestor”. For myself and others, I am gifted at being able to uncover a deep emotional and spiritual level what people want most. I help them harness the power of their emotions and energy to bring before their eyes exactly what God put in their heart to create.

Helping my clients bring into being their Holy Spirit-inspired vision nets out the work I do with clients.


The work I do with every client starts with nailing their vision

  • Not what other people think should want or have
  • Not what sounds good
  • Not what sounds Christian-like
  • Not what’s been on their goal list for the last five years
  • And not some platitude, like my revenue goal this year is to earn $1 million

But what really turns them on in the deepest level of their soul.  

Let’s just say..it gets pretty raw and personal.


Reacquainting or perhaps meeting your vision for the first time leads most to a flurry of excited activity of zeal.  Clients start doing things they couldn’t do before with results they’ve never had.

At that point, usually, two months after working together, I used to make it optional for clients to continue working with me on more of a “maintenance” plan to help them stay on track with the new behaviors that are carrying them to their vision.

But no more. Now I require they work with me an additional six months.

Because I’m all about results.

When your unconscious sees you’ve figured the maze out and get and apply the new patterns towards your vision, it sends your entire system into a serious code red, a major “freak out” mode.  Every cell in your being knows if they don’t act fast, you actually will….change.

At stage left enters Mr Sabotage.

I have seen repeatedly that without guidance and support almost everyone will revert back to their original habits, behaviors, mindsets, and positions.  Because that’s the time when our good friend Mr Sabotage thickens the plot.

God created Mr. Sabotage to protect us from ourselves and our crazy ideas about changing.  He’s there to keep us safe and to make sure we don’t venture too far from the safety of the tribe.


Anybody who has ever pushed ahead with a scary goal and has some level of humility recognizes the concept of Mr. Sabotage and nods their head when I describe his actions.

But few people recognize how he does what he does.

Mr. Sabotage actually has several tools up his sleeve.  Here I describe one encounter I had with an exploratory technique Mr. Sabotage was using on me and how I overcame it.



I had recently been making some major breakthroughs in several big items on my vision list, many that had been in the works for years.

I had become more willing to be vulnerable and open myself up to deeper accountability.  I was taking more actions in alignment with the vision I actually wanted to create. New people and opportunities were coming into my life….the exact things I wanted to manifest.


Seemingly, out of the blue, I started to feel a burning in my chest.  My anxiety skyrocketed. I struggled with focus and competing projects and even simple tasks.

Finally, a light bulb turned on. Something had triggered me and activated intense, deeply held fears and anxieties in my unconscious.


Instead of numbing myself out or crawling under a rock – strategies most people unconsciously do – I chose to flood myself with resources.  I…

  • Reached out to support people in my life,
  • Spent extra time in prayer and the scripture,
  • Gave me some space to sort through what was going on,
  • Stayed in action.

As a result, I figured out what was going on.  I named and ushered out the door Mr Sabotage (and the trigger).  I reminded myself of all of the tools I had to deal with the challenge.

Usually, when triggered people make decisions from a place of fear, which leads to worsening the already anxiety-provoking situation.  But, I specifically chose to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to guide me on what to do next. He helped me keep moving through the discomfort to my breakthrough instead of the M.O. of Mr. Sabotage of stopping forward progression or putting up obstacles.


Emotional reactions like this may feel like major setbacks.  But they are actually signs that something great is coming to the surface, like a beautiful plant crossing the plane of the dirt to see the sun for the first time. Instead of backsliding, like most people do, with the right know knowledge and guidance, you can and will get through past your limits to a higher level on the other side.


The Christian Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip:  Consciously change from the old paradigm that emotional discomfort means you are doing something wrong; when lots of the times it means you are completely on track towards your vision.

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