3 Steps to Overcome the Ways Limiting Beliefs Work Against You

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If you’ve been anywhere in the coaching world, you’ve heard the term “limiting belief” or “unsupportive thought” or “unconscious assumptions”.  But what does that all mean and why should it matter to you?


  • Dealing with whatever you want to call them is the difference between achieving your dreams and staying stuck.  
  • They are the wall that keeps you where you are rather than where you would like to be.  
  • They are what is driving your unconscious actions.  
  • Your unconscious drives 95% of your behavior, which is a direct predictor of the results you are getting in your life.

The caveat is that only people who want more and are pursuing more in their businesses and life will even begin to spot those limiting beliefs. Because they only start to surface when you press up against that upper limit in your life. 

Everybody else is actually living out their limiting beliefs in every aspect of their lives.


One of the coaches I work with often creates contests to motivate us to take actions she would like us to take.  

If I don’t believe I have any chance of winning the contest, I either don’t take the action to win or take half-hearted steps towards winning.

Sometimes I feel conflicted about participating. A part of me would like to win the prize, but another part of my is weighing what work I could be getting done if I were devoting that same time and efforts to other projects.

Again, my conflicted psyche will not lead me to win this or any contest..

And it works exactly the same way in your business and life.


So what’s a gal or guy to do?

  1. CONSCIOUSLY AND CONCRETELY KNOW WHAT YOUR UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS ARE – Often this is difficult to do with yourself and this is why people hire coaches and consultants.  But if you simply make a list of everything you a) feel guilty about, b) have doubts about, c) worry about, or d) are obligations you feel mixed about, your list will give you good insights into what some of your limiting beliefs actually are.
  2. WRITE THEM DOWN AND UPGRADE THE THOUGHT – For example, if I have a limiting belief that I can’t generate the revenue I desire in my business and take good care of myself, I create internal resistance. I either have to have revenue at the cost of self care, or have great self-care and be broke! An upgraded thought would be, “I do know some people who have financially successful businesses and take great care of themselves.” An upgraded thought from there could be, “I bet there are habits or practices these people do that allow them to have profitable businesses and take great care of themselves.”  This thought could be upgraded to, “I bet I could learn these habits from these people by observing them, reading materials they wrote, or even hiring them as mentors, so that I too could generate good revenue and have great self care.”  
  3. FIND A WAY TO INCORPORATE THE NEW BELIEFS INTO YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND – I actually have a list of my new supportive believes that I create from doing this process. I plan to record them on my phone and listen to them regularly to reinforce the new thoughts I want to adopt.


By going through this process, you are working with your brain and your emotions how they are designed so that all of you is on board towards your achieving your goals and dreams.

Identifying and addressing your unconscious beliefs is not fluff. It is critical that you devote time to finding and addressing them. Continuing to operate with a negative belief system makes movement towards your vision seem like jogging through a swimming pool.

Christian Entrepreneur Biz and Life Tip: When you make identifying, addressing, and upgrading your limiting beliefs a regular practice, you will look back and discover how old limiting beliefs that used to hold you back look completely ridiculous and are not reflected in your daily life one bit.

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