3 Ways to Blast Past Your Limiting Beliefs

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Good habits are hard to create and easy to break.  Several years ago, I learned the magic of the 15 minute “tidy”. Five days a week I would carve out 15 minutes in the morning before work to get in the “tidy” zone. I would pick an area to organize or clean up and just go after it.

It’s was amazing how orderly my home and life became!

With some life transitions, that miraculous habit slipped through my fingers. With clutter in my basement for nearly two years and very little progress in sight, I recommitted to my morning tidy routine. Now I am back on track and feel so, so, so much better!

In one of my first recommitted tidy sessions, I discovered a paper I had typed up less than a year ago. I had listed six of my limiting beliefs that I intended to upgrade.

A large part of what I do with my clients and myself is finding out what is happening between their ears that blocks them from achieving their vision. Limiting beliefs foster settling for way less than what you deeply desire.  Because you don’t get what you want, but rather what you believe, my clients and I are constantly on the prowl for uncovering and upgrading limiting beliefs.

I smiled as I read through my limiting beliefs, written just 9 months before.  Today I didn’t believe any of them. In fact, since writing them down I had brought into my life many people, opportunities, and things a short time before I felt were impossible.  

In fact, one of my limiting beliefs had to do with updating my wardrobe with a stylist, which had been on my radar for several years. I believed that doing a wardrobe refresh was a pipe dream, too expensive and that I would feel and dress mediocre, not attracting the people and the ideal clients I desired to have in my life.


And I read that limiting belief, written less than nine months before, as I was sitting in the denim dress my stylist Christine Vartanian of jade. for all seasons had just helped me pick out and purchase as phase one of building my core wardrobe.

So, do you want to to know the secret to the fast turnaround on removing those limiting beliefs and creating the life of my dreams one minute at a time? Here are 3 ways to do so:

  1. Surround Yourself with People Who Know How to Have the Success You Want  – People who have what you want are doing things you aren’t doing now, but you can imitate. Success is contagious. Manifesting your deepest desires isn’t as mysterious as it seems; find people who are doing it and learn from them. Piggyback on their energy.
  2. Surrender Your Will to God’s Will and Trust He Wants What is Best For You and Will Grant You That – There actually were several items on my limiting belief list that I’m glad I didn’t manifest. But I did manifest things that were even better. When manifesting, state to God want you desire and be open to that thing OR SOMETHING BETTER.  There’s a bit of an out-of-control feeling when you surrender your will and let the Holy Spirit move freely in your biz and life. God wants our trust and obedience more than anything; it’s his love language! When you are open to the concept that God can and will bless you beyond your limited way of thinking, he’ll only allow what is in your best interests and in the best interests of others.  So, relax, let the excitement build as you open yourself to the possibilities and enjoy the ride!
  3. Keep Your Vision in Front of You and Observe and Overlook Distractions or Diversions – Recently, I had a person who had been part of my “old story” seemingly try to rub something hurtful in my face. The old me from the “old story” would have massaged that hurt and taken great lengths of time to “process” the pain. Today I observed it happening, made a note that it was part of my “old story”, felt deep gratitude for the new direction in my life with supportive people and supportive beliefs, and felt even more inspired to step into the exciting action steps I am taking each moment towards making my dreams a reality.


Thinking the same things, doing the same things with the same people, in the same way, will get you the same results. Let me help you expand into the abundance God really wants to give you.

Christian Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip:  You can’t blast past your limiting beliefs if you don’t know what they are and how they are affecting you. Look for trouble spots in your biz and life for clues.  If you want to fast-track your progress, schedule a Manifesting Your Vision session with me by visiting www.talkwithchristina.com.

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