4 Biz and Life Lessons from Biblical Mompreneurs

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Woman Reading the Bible.Savvy businesswomen know the right mentor helps cut your learning curve, build your business quicker, boost your confidence, and lower stress.  With the  Communion of Saints, don’t  restrict yourself  to only modern-day role models.

Women serious about business success don’t skimp mentorship.

Your earthly economic success gives your family  financial wiggle room, but it also has high potential to bring  others closer to Christ.  Apply these  lessons from Biblical mompreneurs for the win-win combo of victory in both building your business and Christ’s Kingdom.

1. Become Your Clients’ Support Hub  – Lydia (Acts 16: 14-15, 40)   
A high end  purple cloth dealer, Lydia flourished in her marital unity and strong sacramental life.  She paid attention to the young Christian community’s needs, becoming a hub of safety and support.


  • Offer valuable products, support, service and information to your customers to be their “go-to” person. for their most pressing needs.

  • Pay attention and respond to the evolving needs of your clients.

  • Don’t be intimidated to market to  top end customers.

  • Your witness of business-faith congruence  benefits Your high end clients, who are in influential positions..

2. Exploit Your Business Excellence for Christ – Priscilla (Acts 18:1-3, 24-28)
A tent maker with her husband, Priscilla capitalized on her work connections.  Along this path with delicate charity she explained the way (of God) in a loving way to a person in error, who became an effective disciple touching many lives.


  • See your business supernaturally.  Worldly success turns heads and opens  door for Christian witnessing.

  • Your business puts you in places you wouldn’t otherwise be. Let God work, through your excellence and being the Holy Spirit’s instrument.

  • Consider eternity when networking.   The more others can encounter you and the deeper personal holiness investment, the greater  impact for Christ you’ll have.

3. Master the Dance of Work and Play – Proverbs 31 Woman (Proverbs 31:  10-31)  
This “ideal wife” was industrious, while making time for relaxation and laughter. Her dedication to work and trust in God, attracted others to her kind counsel.


  • Be proficient in juggling between family and work.

  • Be clear about what  you need to do.

  • Do your home and work “ footwork” while trusting the outcome to God.

  • Combine practical tasks while prayer and regularly surrendering to God’s will.

4. Become a Sage and Speedy Decision Maker  – Deborah (Judges 4-5)
As a judge Deborah rose to the esteem of her contemporaries  for her skill of discerning good and evil, trusting her intuitions, and quick decision-making.


  • Regularly updated business and marketing plans signal whether you discern, decide, and plan your business or simply slide into what’s next.

  • Set aside time to create results-getting, time-saving  systems.

Being a Godly woman on fire for Christ and having a bell-ringing business should and have gone hand-in-hand. Measure against these Biblical mompreneurs to see who your logical mentor could be.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip:  Select a Biblical mompreneur who best fits where you  are in your business, ask for her intercession, and work on the virtue that helped her mom-biz success.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. To jumpstart your biz and life success, with her complementary special report, “The Catholic Mompreneur’s Guide to 12 Things You Can Do Today To Earn More in Less Time,”  by clicking here.

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