4 Reasons to Keep the Heat up in Your Business

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Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.12.17 PMOn a plane ride back from a Las Vegas seminar, I sat next to a 20-something community college student.  I learned he had a golf scholarship. He was returning from a Las Vegas family outing.

I noticed his slight speech impediment. As we spoke I realized that he had some similar struggles and mindset issues as my 13-year-old son who is deaf and wore cochlear implants.

He spoke about being teased by a few older members of the swim team when he first started as an 8th grader. He talked about how he rose above the obstacles.

When I asked how, he attributed his comeback-kid spirit to watching motivational videos.

My mind clicked. I got the names of his favorite videos.

Not too much later our son was about to earn his first cell phone by getting all A’s and B’s.  We purchased a phone plan he would have to renew every 30 days. We only purchase a new phone card if he maintained his A’s and B’s…and thanks to my airline companion, if he watched three motivational videos.

It worked brilliantly! Mom wasn’t lecturing him on making excuses or settling for less. But rather a burly, big, black, tough, no-held-punches, motivational speaker told him how it is.

This month we listened to Eric Thomas in his deep gruff voice asking us to visualize him pushing our heads below water.

Thomas dramatically proclaimed when success is as important as breathing would in that moment, then you will be successful.

That even caused me to pause.

In my last blog, I cautioned against making your business an idol. This time I warn against keeping your burner too low. Here are four reasons to keep the heat up in your business:


It’s not whether or not Christians should strive for worldly success. Christians aim for a Holy Spirit-inspired success vision. My ultimate attainment includes my family having the financial resources to fulfill our mission, working in a way that gives  value and leads others to Christ while giving me enough downtime to enjoy myself, my family, and my relationships; and to be in a position financially and energetically to live a life of grateful services.


Having a high bar stretches you to be fearless, rely on God, and develop new good habits, which become virtues. These are a workout for your spiritual life.


As you become better, your offering to the world becomes better. Sharing your gifts benefits others. Your triumph doesn’t occur in a vacuum; you transform into a healthy, integrated, emotionally intelligent role model for others to aspire to.


Halfhearted entrepreneurs don’t stay in business. A pattern of defunct businesses distracts from your life mission. Don’t be workaholic, but be focused, clear, and committed to excellence as you work smart to success. If you’re not passionate, it’s likely you will either quit or go bankrupt. You can’t run a successful business on fumes.

You can have healthy devotion to owning and running a profitable business or enterprise without having your spiritual priorities off-kilter. It comes down to letting the Holy Spirit create a blueprint and passionately learn from the best how to build it.

Christian Women Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip:  Finding that right motivational set point and commitment to your business takes time, trial and error, and modeling after those you admire.

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