4 Steps to Effective Implementation: The Distinguisher Between Successful and Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

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In my Christian Biz Owners on Fire radio interview with CEO and Founder of Get Reconciled, a US-based online bookkeeping and accounting firm, Michael Ly defined  “implementation” as being the core element for business success.

In our conversation regarding scaling and knowing when to hire a team, we discussed a common business fear that stops business owners from pulling the trigger. They pause in hiring people, sharing their systems and processes that took them years to develop, and having the person take those and their clients with them out the door.  

Michael pointed to hiring right.  

He described  the “classic entrepreneur”, who feels restless working for someone else, and could fall into a short-lived relationship . In contrast, he encouraged hiring people who prefer the steady paycheck.  An “employee mindset person’ doesn’t typically run with the money, systems, clients, like the usually unemployable entrepreneur type might.

Michael reassured that many have great ideas and want to own their own business. But only prosperous entrepreneurs, who take risks and “implement” those ideas grow flourishing enterprises.

It’s effective  “implementation” that separates the men from the boys. 

No sweat…we all have our poorly executed days and strategies in our businesses.  But, long term success requires implementation mastery.

Try these steps to improve your implementation skill steps:

  1. Understand and Embrace your Entrepreneurship. As an Entrepreneur, you are an odd duck, different from the masses. You don’t think like them. You don’t have the same drives and desires. You do crazy things and take risks others never would take chasing your dream. Let’s face it, you are fiercely independent, headstrong,  and “in practice” unemployable. When you can accept that, you can start organizing your life and time to be successful. You must be intentional about your “yeses” and “no’s” in ways other people aren’t, or you won’t have the energy, time, and space to get the right stuff done to be an effective implementer.
  2. Know Your Vision. – To even be willing to embrace your entrepreneurship, be crystal clear on your business and life direction.  You create you own universe. You determine your daily schedule, your income, your quality of life, who you will and won’t spend your time with. Living the fruits of your labor constitutes the prize (and punishment) of entrepreneurship.  You can create a world you love as the master of your business in your dream life or a slave to your P & L’s and customers in a harried, unpleasant environment with stress pulsing through your veins. Either way as the business owner, you created it. Having a vision that makes your mouth water fuels the discipline and the adoption of the entrepreneurial lifestyle that gets you there.
  3. Fill Your Calendar withYour Life First Then Your Biz – Put activities related to God, your relationships, your health, and your quality of life in your calendar first.  Then schedule your business activities around those priorities. God blesses those who give him their “First Fruits” of your energy, time, and focus. As a by-product this strategy helps you create the life and business you will love.   If you don’t know what a delicious life and biz would look and feel like, you join the rest of the world chasing the ball on a hamster wheel. But at least you can say you own your own business. 
  4. Work with Your Natural Rhythms.  We do all have the same 24 hours per day.  Business owners acquire additional task. You are either doing (in the beginning) or accepting responsibility (if you have a team) for multiple areas of your organization – marketing, operations, sales, product delivery, etc. Working “with” rather than “against” your natural rhythms paves the way to get the clock to work in your favor. Avoiding choppy scheduling, interruptions, using your best thinking time on mundane tasks like checking emails, and working past your productivity point multiples your effectiveness of your time.

About 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year. To ensure you and your business thrives, commit you life to mastering  effective implementation.

Christian Entrepreneur Biz and Life Tips:  It’s easy to get fooled that flashiness creates the enviable business and life.  A methodical process of being a master implementer of your Holy Spirit-inspired vision is really what it takes.

Want more? Listen to my full interview with Michael Ly on Christian Biz Owners on Fire radio.

Let me help you get your compass headed in the right direction with my Manifesting Your Vision session.  To set up yours, go to http://talkwithchristina.com.

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4 Steps to Effective Implementation: The Distinguisher Between Successful and Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

Posted by Christian Biz Owners On Fire on Wednesday, December 18, 2019
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