4 Tips to Mastering Sales for a Low-Stress 2020

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Whether you know it or not, everyone is in sales.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, a sales professional or work for a corporation to benefit from skills on influencing others.You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, a sales professional or work for a corporation to benefit from skills on influencing others.You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, a sales professional or work for a corporation to benefit from skills on influencing others.

Everyone is the CEO of his or her life. The degree to which you love your life connects to how well you create win-win exchanges with others, a.k.a. Sales.

Business owners make the mistake of thinking they are in business  doing what they do. They are actually in the core business of selling and marketing what they do. What they do is secondary.  If they can’t effectively sell and market what they do, they don’t have a business.

Mastering sales for 2020 takes the pressure off. It lets you prosperously work in your genius.

Here are four tips to become an expert influencer:

BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT HOW YOU SHOW UP BEFORE THE CALL – Some say, “just go out there and make those calls”. These same advisors encourage  you to post social media photos on your business no matter how flattering or unflattering those images might be. You do damage with the unattractive online images, as you do when not internally prepared for an encounter with a potential client or business partner. Waning confidence, discord with your significant other, or feeling and looking worn down from a broken down self-care routine can make your activity ineffective. Creating  a life structure that fosters positive self-esteem, confidence and self-care magnetizes your ideal clients. From that space, follow the suggestion from a top sales performer. Prior to contacting a prospect say these two things to yourself:

  • I am the best at what I do.
  • I am going to have a great conversation with this person.

SCHEDULE SALES ACTIVITY AND KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENTS WITH YOURSELF – Consistency and good follow up encompasses sales. Building these activities into your schedule ensure you will do what you say you’d do with potential and actual clients. Don’t leave your sales activity to chance or it’s like your bank account will tank.

Posted by Christian Biz Owners On Fire on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

BE PRESENT AND HAVE A HEART OF SERVICE – Approach each encounter with the spirit of service. Serving the highest good of the other means you are not the right person to help them. People sense when you genuinely put the needs of the other first. Concurrently, know your own worth and work in your genius. The right people connect the dots that you are the best person to help them meet their needs. Closing sales will begin to feel more natural.

HELP PEOPLE MAKE DECISIONS – Helping others make decisions serves their higher good. You serve the higher good of others by helping them make concrete decisions, even if that decision is to not work with you or to maintain the status quo. Ask second and third level questions to, “I will think about it,” or “I need to talk with my spouse, “ or “The timing is not right now’.  Make sure you know the next step in the process so you know what you can do to help the person move to a decision. When you let people be fuzzy about what they are deciding you are contributing to their mediocracy.

Mastering sales means mastering life. You don’t have to be everything to everybody.  But God calls us to let our light shine and use our talents. Be response to be visible and engage with people, so those you can serve can find you.

For some other great resources on sales here are three great sales expert guests I had on my Christian Biz Owners on Fire radio show:

Christian Biz Owners Biz and Life Tip: Understand that not letting the world see you, access the gifts God has given you, and be able to serve them is selfish. Get out of your own way. You will create a low stress, fun year and attract the right clients to you.

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