5 Reasons You Might Be Repelling Money and Clients in Your Business

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While many entrepreneurs find fulfilment having their own businesses, making a profit still is the determining of whether you have a viable business or just an expensive hobby.

Earning money and serving clients in a sound business model leads to profits. Many frustrated entrepreneurs don’t recognize they are repelling the very things that are the lifeblood of their success. This could be you if you:

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1. Don’t Know Your Numbers

 I know most entrepreneurs are not the bean counting type, but you must have a pulse on the return on investment in your business to make timely and accurate decisions. Looking honestly at where the income and expenses can create anxiety and fear, but what you don’t know can hurt you. At least monthly review of key financial statements – your profit and loss and balance sheet – will save you money and heartbreak in the end.  Thriving businesses make sure they have good systems in place; they are offering value to their ideal clients; and they are navigating a dynamic business climate on a daily basis. The review of your financials can help you diagnose where you might be going astray, so you can make course corrections quickly.

2. Aren’t Punctual

Entrepreneurial guru Dan Kennedy uses punctuality to rule out who he will and will not do business with and sees being on time as one of the most critical skills an entrepreneur can have. Punctuality sends the message that you can manage yourself, your business and your time. It gives potential clients the confidence that you have the bandwidth to be a trusted resource for them as well.

3. Market Before You Manage

Online  business development strategist Tracey Lawton touts the importance of “managing” before you “market”. When you engage in marketing blitz without the proper thought to who your idea client is, your business model, and how you will manage yourself, your clients and your business. You can drum up leads and even clients, losing them just as quickly by not delivering because your back office wasn’t ready for the business.

4. Have Conflicting Priorities

People who place a high value on doing God’s will and making relationships a top priority can often run into competing work and personal agendas with the old paradigm of ”just work harder and do more” business approaches. Taking the time upfront in the visioning process to clearly define your Holy Spirit-inspired vision, flush out any potential conflicts with other priorities, and letting your right brain  come up with creative, win-win ways to focus and achieve what you want, helps you identify and remove unconscious blocks that might be leading to FTI (failure to implement) what you say you want.

5. Unconscious Blocks

Limiting beliefs, in addition to conflicting priorities, can also be the culprit to the failure for you to attract the money and clients you want and need for a successful business enterprise. You may have underlying negative beliefs around the actual experience of being financially successful that need to be worked through. You may be putting yourself in a catch-22 situation where you link getting clients and revenue with high stress and feeling out of control in your life. 

Having clear objectives that you regularly monitor can tip you off that something deeper is in play that needs your attention.   If you would like some help getting rid of those blocks to earn more revenue and getting more clients, I invite you to invest in my GPS (God’s-will Planning Session) Strategy session. In it, I help you clearly identify your vision, any obstacles blocking your success, and strategies to help you move forward right away. To sign up for your session now go to http://talkwithchristina.com/

Christian Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip: Be a little one dimensional about seeing whether or not your business is profitable. This is a fantastic diagnostic tool that fosters your personal and professional growth as you identify and clear what is getting between you and your Holy Spirit-inspired vision.

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