Advent Angel (Part 3)

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In the previous blog, I shared our frustration for not being able to find a nativity set for our Advent Angel. I also shared how disturbing it felt to observe how much Jesus is getting shoved out of Christmas while the retail establishment hijacks the holiday. My husband and I felt a little deflated on our way to the parking log. To save time, we decided to call some other stores first before driving there.

First, I called Target to be told they don’t sell nativity sets. The Target lady suggested I try the Super Target, but they did not have a nativity set either. Then we called Michael’s, but you had to put together their nativity sets. We then went to the mall. The guy at Sears thought they might have nativity sets online, but not in the store.

We were all getting tired, and the time was getting late. The tension was starting to increase as this simple task to purchase a nativity set turned into a massive search for a needle in the haystack in the Wichita Metropolitan Area.

As we sat in the parking lot determining our next step, my husband and I started arguing. I was pushing for us to drive to the Michael’s in the direction of our house to buy the nativity set you had to assemble. My husband wanted for us to go home.

“But getting a gift for our Advent Angel family should be a family activity.”

“The kids need to get their baths. I don’t want them to be up too late.”

“It won’t take that long to go to Michael’s. We’re almost done.”

“You’re the one who has to have a nativity set.”

Finally, from the back seat, our eight-year-old Gianna pleaded, “Will you please stop yelling.”

This was not the moment fusing fun, faith, and family that I was trying to create for our family.

My husband pointed to the Dollar General directly in front of us. He suggested I go in and see if they have anything that would work. I quickly ran in, found an employee, asked them if they had a nativity set, explained it included Mary, Jesus, Joseph, and got the blank look. But a second later, a ray of light appeared in the employee’s eye.

“Oh, yeah! I think we have something.” He pointed to a display of $1 ceramic stockings with a lid that hinges off. On top of the lid is the image of the holy family.

“I’ll take it!”

It got us through the first week of Advent for our Advent Angels and quelled the immediate marital conflict. Later in the week, Benjamin and I were able to find a beautiful nativity set at Hobby Lobby.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: If you catch yourself letting the pressure and stress of the distortion of the Christmas season bring you and your relationships down, step back, surrender, and pray for the inspiration on what to do next.

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