Angel of Light (Part 1)

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A silent retreat helps you heed the whisper of the Holy Spirit that gets overlooked with the clamor of daily life. The nuggets taken from spending the one-on-one time with God helps you clarify His will for your life.

Extended time hanging out with God also helps you spot those Angels of Light who try to foul up your life.

Our pastor Father Jirak educated the kids at our school mass of what he coined the “Angels of Light”. In his homily he described how an Angel of Light will come to you under the guise of being from God. The Angel will introduce an idea that at the time seems to be a reasonable and wise course of action.

Father Jirak shared when such an Angel came to him with the bright idea of pushing his wake-up time to 4:30 am. Anticipating the litany of benefits about all the things he could accomplish before the busy day ahead, Father Jirak decided to revise his routine. He said things worked pretty well through Wednesday.

By Thursday, the laid-back, flexible, self-controlled, and people-person priest described having several instances when he had to bit his tongue in order not to lash out at people. By Saturday, Father Jirak said he was feeling so irritable and impatient he nearly had to physically restrain himself from reacting to individuals that would normally elicit smooth interactions.

It did not take Father Jirak long to figure out he had been duped by the Angel of Light.

I could relate so much to his story that I nearly let out a deep belly laugh in the middle of mass. You see, I, too, have also had an Angel of Life try to stir things up in my life.

In the next blog, I will share what my Angel of Light has been up to and help you shoo those Angels from stirring up trouble in your life.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Ask God where you might be confusing His guidance for the deception of an Angel of Light.

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