Are You Blocking Your Cashflow?

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Are you blocking your cashflow?I’m proud to be in an elite force called Mompreneurs.  Among business owners, Mom Biz Owners stand out.  They build amazing businesses in half the time because of their commitment to enjoying their families.  A coach advised me that because I want to earn more in less time, my strategies must be on-the-mark.  With limited work hours there’s minimal room for errors.

A mom business owner hitting the mark is Jessica Patterson of The Soulful Solopreneur. According to Jessica, not having a good relationship with money affects  everything you do, including your business’ financial health.

Drilling in the proper money mindset permeates my Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp.  I agree with Jessica, it is the foundation for  a prosperous business and family life.

Don’t be the obstacle of the revenue God wants to send your way.

Avoiding Jessica’s 5 Solo-Preneur Traps  removes the baggage blocking healthy profits, money sanity, and a pretty balance sheet. We list here Jessica’s 5 Solo-preneur traps, with a Catholic mompreneur twist (to see Jessica’s original traps, click here):

  1. Undervaluing (yourself and your business) – Many Catholic moms and mompreneurs don’t honor their time.  They over commit in projects that don’t maximize their talents, and under commit on working their priorities. This leaves  them stressed out and with little to no  financial wiggle room they sought.

  2. Isolation (The Passion Killer) – It’s hard to feel isolated when you have many kiddos under foot.  But in a home-based business you must  connect with  colleagues and support people for  inspiration and perseverance.

  3. Lack of Focus/Structure (soul-zapping chaos) – While family life demands flexibility,  your business requires  structured systems to accomplish important, revenue-building tasks that relieve financial pressure.

  4. The “Me Do It” Syndrome –Effective delegation squashes the  “me do it” syndrome.  It not only makes your vocation flourish but frees you to do what you love most in your business.

  5. Underselling Yourself – A business model with no upside potential for your customers not only cheats them of the greater value, but it robs you of cash and the creative space to come up with even better client solutions.

You may love what you do in your business, but fun stops when money isn’t coming in.

The Catholic Mompreneur’s Tip:  If you are caught in a  Solo-Preneur trap, prayerfully consider if professional support might be the lifeline God is sending you for your business success.

 Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. To jumpstart your biz and life success, with her complementary special report, “The Catholic Mompreneur’s Guide to 12 Things You Can Do Today To Earn More in Less Time,”  by clicking here.

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