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I just finished re-listening to a replay of a group coaching session with my coach.  My ears perked to hear that the man in the hot seat was being coached on having better balance in his life.

First, my coach Ryan made the man list no more than 10 roles in his life—i.e. father, husband, business owner, etc.  For each role Ryan asked the coachee on what the most important aspect was for each role, what was the essence of fulfilling that role. Ryan’s inquiries kept going deeper and deeper to understand the most profound meaning for each role.

The richer our meaning and purpose for fulfilling our roles well, the more likely we would do the hard work necessary to make it happen in our busy schedules.  Why have a better relationship with your son or wife?  Why provide the best service to your customers? I followed the discussion considering my own roles and the deeper purpose for living well in them.

Ryan took the man through a process to help him ultimately discover which questions he should be asking regarding fulfillment of each role.  If you get the question  right and live the answer, you will have a rich, successful, and balanced life. Doing the right things doesn’t need to be time consuming.

As a Cradle Catholic with years in Catholic schools and later with on-going formation, the Catholic Church  has given me the correct questions.   On Easter in the Resurrection we see the answer to the right questions.  We are a fallen people hungry to go home and be with God. Christ’s resurrection provides the “why”for what we do.  This meaning  allows us to run  towards the open gates of heaven bringing as many souls as we can to be with God forever.  Anything less, just isn’t motivating enough.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  What is your ultimate motivation for being the best you can be in your various life roles?  Is it motivating enough?

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