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In my twenties, we became good friends with a Jewish couple.  As guests to their synagogue and home, I was fascinated by the meat plates, dairy plates, the menorah and breads, all connected to centuries of Jewish history. Embarrassingly, I grew jealous by the depth of their multi-sensory faith.

Then I woke up and told myself to get a grip.  Come on, Christina.  Catholicism is rich and teeming with tradition!

Investing in creating our own Catholic traditions and passing them onto our children evolved into a life mission.  Attending the Tridium Services for Holy Week is one of those traditions.

While we did take a two-year hiatus from the Easter Vigil during a difficult period of attending mass with our kids, we maintained our commitment to Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Like me with my Jewish friends, our kids absorbed the joy of the intimate experience with God and his Church.  Intrigued by the washing of the feet and the kissing of the cross, our four, eight, and eleven-year-old docilely filed into the pews with no complaints.

Unanimously the greatest enthusiasm was for the service “where the darkness that would be overcome by the light”.   In a dark sanctuary hearing salvation history proclaimed, the kids held their candles waiting for the light.  When your 11-year-old son tells you he is excited for the cool three-hour Easter Vigil service, you know something powerful is happening.

We are wired to be attracted to the light.

Light that overcomes darkness summarizes our faith.  Your family will be overcome with the Holy Spirit simply by being present for the Church’s liturgies and traditions, experiences that eclipse anything Judaism can offer.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Deepen your faith by incorporating a new Catholic tradition in your family.

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