Attracting Money and Customers to Your Mom Biz

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Why was it when I was single and unattached, only a few guys looked my way but once I had a boyfriend, men came out from the woodwork to ask me out?

Money Tree

You may have experienced the confident swagger when things come together that opened the  floodgates of abundance in other areas.

Or you might have been watching this happen to your neighbor.  Your prosperity well may have been dry for quite some time, as you watch with discouragement at others who seem to have the Midas Touch in attracting what they want.

Your business is no different.

Basic “laws of attraction”, not in the New Age sense, do apply in love, life, and work.  Here are a few that will help you attract the clients and money you want to your business:


  1. Money finds people who manage it well. – When you order your finances the way God prescribes, money flows towards you.  Tithing and being a good steward, giving God back the first fruits of your labor, sets the foundation for abundance and fulfillment of your Holy Spirit- inspired vision.  God rewards a good stewards who has been faithful in small things.

    1. Do you have a spending and income plan at home and work?

    2. Do you have a business plan?

    3. Are you implementing a marketing and leads-generating plan that generate regular flow of client?

    4. Do you employ Biblical principals in the way you conduct your finances at work and compensate your employees?

    5. Are you tithing?

  2. Client-focused businesses rise to the top. – Dollars and loyal customers flow your way when you order your business model around the needs and wants of your customers and marketplace gaps.

    1. Are your glasses turned inward, focusing on products you already have or like to offer?

    2. Have you spend time talking with customers or potential customers about what they need and want?

    3. Are you delivering those client-centered products and services in a cost-effective, quality way?

    4. Are you clinging onto products, services, or even certain markets that show high signs of non-viability, meaning they don’t buy your stuff?

  3. Clarity funnels clients and money your way. – You can be a great Biblical money manager and have a phenomenal client-focused business but if what you offer confuses or doesn’t create a path where you customers can continue to loyally grow with you, you’ll work extremely hard for few dollars and customers who don’t have any reason to continue their relationship with you.

    1. Do you have a progressive series of products or services that delight your customers and keep them in the loop with you?

    2. Do you have core message about who you are and what you do that resonates with your clients?

    3. Are you communicating clearly the value you offer your customers and giving them clear choices of action steps to take?

Money and clients don’t grow on trees.  But with a little water, sunshine, and TLC, you can take the mystery out of having all the money and clients you need and can handle.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip: Don’t take it personal if money and clients don’t flow your way.  Instead, make a list of the possible reasons why, prioritize the top three theories, and strategically make adjustments, while you measure the results of your tweaks.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. To jumpstart your business success, schedule a complimentary “Getting It Done Session” by clicking here.

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