Avoiding the Winter Weight Gain Slump

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We’ve just gotten out of the holiday season, which causes stress for most people when it comes to our relationship with food and the scale. Raise your hand if you’ve already broken your “New Year’s resolution”?

When we feel down about ourselves, our businesses struggle as well. We need to seek to root out these inner emotional struggles so that we can confidently master each area of our lives.

Our guest on the show today is a weight loss coach who uses art journaling to explore the reasons that keep so many of us caught in the cycle of yoyo dieting. Laura McDonald uses introspective techniques as well as lifestyle coaching to help successful women reach their goals in health and confidence. To date, Laura has also lost 130 pounds and personally used art journaling as both a distractor and a safe way to explore what lies beneath in order to surrender it to God for healing so that the weight loss is permanent.

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  • Connie Turnbull

    Good job, Laura! Laura is my cousin and my 95-yr-old Mom, Laura’s aunt, was also listening with me. We learned a lot about expressing our feelings through art instead of eating our feelings. My Mom was impressed with Laura’s example of planning her food, writing down her food plan for 4 days and having it in the fridge, ready to cook, so she didn’t have to come home and think about what she was going to eat. Thanks, Laura, for an informative interview!

  • admin

    I agree. I received some wonderful practical tips from Laura’s interview.

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