Battle of the Bulge (Part 2)

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My coach Ryan says success is 90% the inner game and only 10% actual technique. Weight loss exemplifies that how we think, perceive, and prepare to act determines how we ultimately act and the results we gain from those actions. So as we look at the inner game of winning the battle of the bulge you must ask yourself which fight you are fighting.

When weight is too high and / or is getting higher, look to two root problems. First, there’s the problem of the person who doesn’t care enough. Second, there’s the problem of the person who cares too much.

The person unconcerned about his or her overweight condition minimizes or is ignorant of the dulling effect of even a little bit of additional unneeded food on the sense, the emotions, and the insights. Often attachment to sensuality is in play. The person wants to enjoy whatever they want at the moment and avoid any unpleasant activities, such as exercise. The desire to satisfy the senses trumps any dislike of excess weight.

On the other extreme is the person who is overly concerned with her weight. Thoughts of losing weight, not following the “diet”, being unhappy with her physical appearance, even frequent comparisons to others, permeate and erode at her being fully present for the people in her life. This person often results to tactics like low-calorie diets that actually foul up her metabolism, making it harder for her to get her weight down. Being “overweight” is so unpleasant to this person that a sense of urgency and panic can ensue, triggering attraction to programs offering immediate to quick results in place of balanced and healthy diet combined with an active lifestyle. The result typically is unsuccessful weight loss efforts and mediocre relationships.

If chronic challenges with weight control are an issue for you, it should be clear which camp you fall into. Tune in next time to see how to master these inner games using the full arsenal of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Ask yourself the consequences if you are either ignoring or obsessing about a weight control issue.

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