Be The Go-To Expert In Your Industry: An Interview with Weston Lyon

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It doesn’t matter what products or services you offer. In this age of countless options, being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and position yourself as the person or business most suited to serve them is vital to your success.

The secret to getting noticed is authority. When you have authority, people will pay attention. When you are perceived as an expert in your industry, people will naturally want to work with you. They will seek you out instead of you chasing them.

Our guest in this episode talks about the importance of first and foremost establishing yourself to be an authority figure in your industry rather than focusing on generating leads and converting those prospects into clients.

Weston Lyon is the author of 19 books and one of the only authors to ever write nine books in eleven months. Weston also founded Plug & Play Publishing, a Pittsburgh-based authority-positioning company that teaches coaches, consultants, speakers, and other education-based service providers how to write a book to grow their business.

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