The Best Gift You Can Give Your Clients And Your Family

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The best gift for your clients or your family this Christmas doesn’t have to do with family perks, trips, time, money, special VIP services or your products and services.

It’s something you need, but might not necessarily want. You typically won’t find it on anyone’s list for Santa.
To make my point, I need to brag a little here.
I am so proud of how my kids are turning out.

  • not because they are star athletes, concert musicians, or perfect students
  • not because they obey at home the first time every time
  • not because our home is a peaceful, harmonious paradise,
  • And not because they are flawless individuals.

I’m most proud of their inner spiritual quality, although they express it differently. They’re accessing the inner compass that illuminates God’s plan and his wisdom.

Our 7th grader figured out that the world judges our performance and appearance, but God doesn’t —something I didn’t discover until my early 20s. Amidst the turmoil of middle school, he’s found personal acceptance and clarity about his identity, and peace with his chosen actions. He wakes me up early Thursday morning so he can attend the before school middle school Bible study .

Our 4th grade daughter reaches out to her mildly autistic classmates, who would otherwise be friendless. She also asked me for extra chores to earn money for the poor during her class campaign.

And our 1st grade son—light-hearted, friendly, athletic, popular and jovial —prays on the drive to school not to get a markoff. He hasn’t gotten one all year! When necessary he uses his social clout to stand up for a boy who sometimes gets picked on.

These beliefs underpin their actions:

  • don’t worry about the small stuff: there’s a more important spiritual undercurrent to attend to
  • value God, the Church, and people most
  • share God’s deep love for them with obedience, acts of kindness, and by maximizing their talents.
  • God has a beautiful plan for their lives
  • God gives them a unique mission and the strength to complete it

Quite imperfectly, my husband and I prioritized certain kids activities and relationships and structured our family to instill these beliefs.

My own pain roots my investment in their spiritual development. The pain of loved ones leaving the Church, pain from my own dark periods straying from God’s teachings and experiencing the negative consequences, pain of not wanting them to learn the hard way motivates me to sacrifice in ways other parents weren’t willing.

Prioritizing spiritual principles carries into my professional life. My gift with clients, both Catholic and non-Catholic, root in my ability to see the bigger picture of the beauty God plans for them.
I gently and respectfully invite my clients to raise the bar.
I encourage them to move beyond their limited, thwarted self-image
to see with God’s eyes who they could be and what their lives could be like.

My spiritual, aerial view of life and business describes the genius I bring in to my mom-biz coaching practice.

Eternally successful mom and business owner master more than earning more in less time and doing a decent job of juggling the biz and life plates.

It’s about nailing God’s will in your life…which isn’t easy.

I help my kids, therapy clients, and coaching clients understand and courageously follow God’s will in their lives with abandonment, for a future beyond what they had ever imagined.

When the women I work with learn the art of surrendering to God’s will at work and home, their feminine genius brightens the world.

Assistance in refining the skill of deepening that inner spiritual quality and knowing and doing God’s will in the small and big things in your life is the best Christmas gift ever. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about!

I would love to help you, too! In the spirit of Christmas and new birth, I invite you to jump on my calendar to see where your life might take you when you fully merge your will with God’s for a wonderful and unexpected ride.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip: Prioritize developing a new spiritual habit. Mastery will increase your success in all the other areas of your life.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. If you need help to gain clarity on Gods’ will in your biz and personal life, create action plans to get there, and learn how to be motivated and equipped to juggle all the plates to make it happen, take advantage of getting one of ten slots of Christina’s complimentary “Getting It Done” session with Christina here for your rock-solid success foundation in 2014.

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