When your Christian faith is fully integrated into your professional and personal life, you:

  • You have an authentic identity in Christ that keeps you grounded through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
  • You operate with clear priorities and avoid role conflicts.
  • Your business and personal life reflect your values in all areas.
  • You have a high attention to customer care, regularly giving your clients an experience of Christ’s love.  
  • You humbly lead those you encounter in your business interactions to Christ through your silent witness.
  • You become a magnet to your ideal clients, business opportunities, and revenue because people recognize and appreciate your faith-biz-life congruency.
  • You experience God’s abundance in all areas-health, wealth, relationships, career, personal fulfillment, and faith-and your abundance spills over into acts of service and love to others.
  • You shine as a leader and innovator in your area of expertise and model fully how to use your God-given talents to the best of your ability.
  • You are a well-trusted steward of the resources God has given you and play and important role in building God’s kingdom.
  • You treat your body, mind, and soul, like the temple of the Holy Spirit it is and experience joy, optimal, and positive energy on a daily basis.
  • Your business and personal relationships flourish.

If your business and life isn’t consistently delivering this kind of value in all areas, God may be sending you the message that it’s time for you to reach your full potential and realize you weren’t meant to do this alone (Exodus 17:12)

Not all resources and coaches have what it takes to help you go the distance. In fact, too many talented aspiring or actual Christian business owner function way below their God-given abilities and are an underutilized agent of change to bring Christ’s love and prosperity into the world.   

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you live in complete alignment with God’s will for your business and personal life.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re a new or aspiring who wants to let God transform them, take the time now to make sure you have fully integrated your Christian faith into all areas of your business and personal life and God and those whose lives you touch will reward you for eternity.

Are you ready to fully become a Christian biz owner of fire?!

If you want a sure-footed leader to show you how to reach your potential by putting Christ in the center of your flourishing business or ministry and experience God’s abundance, the Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp  is for you. This proven process is based on decades of experience and knowledge of how to live God’s will confidently in your business and personal life.   Let me walk you through 8 simple steps to help you

  • Define and achieve God’s abundance for your biz and personal life.
  • Uncover and remove patterns and blocks getting in the way of manifesting your Holy Spirit inspired vision.
  • Gain input on practical steps to incorporate faith principles in everyday habits that lead you to the success and lifestyle you desire.
  • Discover and access God’s power to help you and your business evolve into any limited earthly view you might have on what is possible.


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