Blown Away

 In Faith

After a disquieting Sunday afternoon pacing in front of the radar on TV, listening to tornado sirens in our basementless home, my husband and I  ultimately discerned the moment was now to put the cat in the carrier, the dog on the leash, and the kids  in tow to walk across the street to our kind neighbors who open their home to us during tornado threats.  Our switch from the local paper in hard copy to the cheaper electronic version (thanks to Dave) and my boycott of the television news ever since a certain pro-abortion president had been elected keep me in blissful ignorance of the events our neighboring state just south..

Two days later I opened the newspaper on my phone to read about the Oklahoma tornado tragedy.

I pictured the elementary school leveled by the deadly winds.  I heard the cries of horror of the children huddled in the restrooms as the deafening freight train-sounding winds engulfed them. I felt the heavy, penetrating emotional pain as parents went to the school to see whether their kids’ name would be on the list of survivors or the deceased.

I cried, wondering how anyone could survive such devastation without a faithful life?  I prayed. And I cried more….until I was whirled off by the rest of my day.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Invest now in your prayer life, the sacraments, and the relationships with those in your life, so that when the rough winds of life blow, you’ll be fortified for whatever comes.

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