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Discover the Christ-centered formula that will generate the financial wiggle room you desire in less time, while leaving you with the flexibility that motivated you to start your business in the first place.

Dear Catholic Mompreneur,

I want to ask you: Is your business generating the revenue you want in the time you want to devote to it, so you can enjoy your family and the flexibility of self-employment? Are you stuck at a plateau, needing more resources to take your business to its next stage?

Here’s the thing…most Catholic momprenuers go into business to serve others, have the flexibility to not miss those special moments with their families, and to provide their families with financial wiggle room. In reality, many biz moms feel overwhelmed, are earning way less than they desire, for more of their precious resources—their time.

Feeling torn and drained, Catholic mompreneurs lack the gas to fully engage in the power of their calling. Yikes!

Are you missing critical pieces to your biz and life puzzle? Here are the 3 mistakes many Catholic mompreneurs make:

  1. They don’t know how to merge their rich Catholic spirituality with their businesses.
  2. They don’t integrate proven secular revenue boosting and time management principles into their business and personal lifestyle.
  3. They don’t have accountability partners who have expertise in business, the Catholic faith, and the unique needs and challenges of mompreneurs.

I’ll admit I made all of these mistakes, and many of them have been quite costly! Despite investing thousands of dollars to seek guidance on running a successful business in a balanced way congruent with my Catholic faith, I felt more frazzled than ever working more hours for less income.

Now I have a business model and approach to time, life, and family that let me live my Holy Spirit-inspired vision while working smart to earn more in less time. The fundamentals I’ve incorporated help me make the right sacrifices to have a thriving business, but never sacrifice those most important: my family and friends, my health, and my Catholic faith.

But I learned how to do it right the hard way.

Before, I didn’t scrutinize my mentors to ensure they would guide me to use strategies that would give me integrity with my roles as wife, mother, and daughter of God. I know for devout Catholics, it sounds obvious to seek direction from someone who shares your values, but it is harder than you think to find such trusted resources.

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As soon as I fully embraced my uniqueness as a Catholic mompreneur, God began leading me to people I could help and who could help me, because I wanted great results, but not at the price of shirking my connection with my family or my faith.

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After being banged around as a Catholic mompreneur to find the business and life structure I could thrive in I’ve turned those steps into a roadmap to help other Catholic mompreneurs revolutionize their approach to their business, personal, and faith life.

So right here and now I’m going to reveal to you the 5 secrets to fully engage the power of your calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying your family:

  1. Follow sound economic and common sense principles so that your products or services delight the people you serve.
  2. Nail the #1 most critical aspect of your successful biz and personal life — understand fully how to know and implement God’s will in your life by surrounding yourself with trusted accountability partners who share your values.
  3. Create a streamlined home and business processes leaving you refreshed and creative as you attract new customers.
  4. Welcome new prospects in a way that lets the Holy Spirit shine through, converting them into paying clientele.
  5. And perfect the art of leveraging your time and money while your profits blossom and your stress evaporates.

Is your business working for you yet? Or are you working for your business?

I tell you, I hate to see so many of my Catholic sisters in Christ get discouraged, be misguided, waste their money and time, and spend so many hours with their family feeling conflicted about the long to-do list. If you are launching a new business or finessing the one you have, I want YOU to prosper with more earnings in less time and get back to enjoying your families….in a leveraged way where your business works even when you are playing!

YES, Christina, I want to power boost my revenues and spend less time doing it, so I can get back to enjoying my family!

I want to save YOU the learning curve of achieving a biz and family life based sound success principles and 100% congruency with your Catholic faith.

To fully engage the power of your calling, you’ll want to have a step-by-step roadmap that walks through the fundamentals of a prosperous, Christ-centered biz and life plan, so you can:
Have complete confidence that your professional and personal decisions reflect God’s will for your life.

Efficiently and effectively create and maintain systems that attract your ideal clients.

Skillfully manage and motivate the people who support you, giving them dignity and opportunity and you the leverage that leads to more money in less time.

And begin to see pockets of regained time in 30 days by working smarter not harder.

And you also want:

  • Checklists to help you move through the transformation process with grace without stressing you out.
  • Audios to explain key tools that are you tickets to more freedom and flexibility.
  • Accountability that helps you pull out of the overwhelm and into order quickly.
  • An arsenal of time tested methods to help you stop juggling and start flourishing at work, home, and with yourself.
  • Personalized feedback along with peer support to encourage and motivate you to take your business and life to the next level.
  • Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp
  • includes all of that to help you:
  • Earn more. Spend less time. And enjoy your family.

YES, Christina, I Want to Fully Engage the Power of My Calling and Earn More in Less Time, so I Can Get Back to Enjoying My Family!

You’ll have immediate access as soon as you complete your order!

First I’ll help you START SMART:
Within minutes you’ll learn how to get the most from the program and how to fit it in an already packed busy mompreneur lifestyle.
You’ll see the simple process of inviting Christ into your life and business and in learning how to recognize and rely more on the Holy Spirit’s gentle, but indispensable guidance for your everyday decisions.
You’ll learn which revenue boosting, time saving tools fit best with your unique business and family life.
With honesty and courage, you’ll learn how to evaluate and modify your current business model, while staying true to your desire to serve a higher mission for God.
You’ll learn how to provide products and services your clients want and will pay for.
You’ll start to uncover and avoid distractions that lead you away from your Christ-centered vision.
With the focus, accountability, and encouragement you’ll be amazed at the substantial pay off in such a small investment of your time.
For all this, I know you’ll love the price. It’s just $200 a month for 6 months. That’s it. Or you can receive a 10% discount for paying for program in full.
And, to give you that personal touch, with an expert to validate your decisions, guide and encouraging you in the process, and help you stay the course, we’ll be meeting on the phone for 20 minutes each month. We’ll make sure you’re on track to boost the revenue, free up time, and get back to enjoying your family-all in a way that puts God first in your life. A program like this at this price with competent guidance from someone with shared values would have saved me lots of heartache early on!

YES, Christina, I Want To Fully Engage the Power of My Calling and Earn More in Less Time and Get Back to Enjoying My Family!

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
I want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp program so let me tell you about my 100% CLIENT SATISFACTION COMMITMENT.
I am so confident that you’ll see the value if you implement my system Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp, that I’m willing to back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But if, for some reason, you’re not satisfied with Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp and you contact me within 30 days, you can have your money back. No questions, no quibbles, no kidding. Dive in and engage in the program. If you believe this system isn’t for you… just let me know by the end of the 30 days and you will receive a full refund.

Do you have some questions?
Questions: What if I already have a successful business but want to improve it, will your program help me?
Answer: Ironically, in some ways it’s much harder for a successful business to make important improvements than it is for a new one to see desired gains. The Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp targets a variety of skills, abilities that always evolve. The accountability and structure alone of the program helps you reflect and evaluate ways to get to your higher level.
Question: Does it matter if I have a service or a brick and mortar business?
Answer: No matter the kind of business, the issue remains the same – limited time to get everything you need done at home and work. The principles we cover of mastering time, being strategic and working smart in ways congruent with the faith apply to all Catholic mom business owners.
Question: Is there a way I can work directly with you?
Answer: I’d love to work with you! If you find you want more individual time with me than the 20 minute monthly session included in the program, you can combine the Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp with the Freedom Sessions individual coaching program for two additional monthly 25 minute sessions. Email me if you want to discuss that option further.
Question: What if I have questions along the way?
Answer: You will be regularly sending Christina your completed homework assignments, and she will be giving you feedback. In addition, as part of the program you have 24/7 email access to Christina. Barring unusual circumstances she will respond within 24 hours. Christina encourages you to ask questions via email or even let her know if you’re struggling with overload, challenges, your commitment or implementation of the program. All of these things are normal, and Christina wants to help you work through them.
Question: How long will it take me earn more in less time?
Answer: Like everything…it depends on your time and effort, but also your circumstances when you enroll. Everyone’s business and personal life will be in different place. The idea is not to compare to others or project exactly when everything will come together. By taking the next step and using the accountability structures in the program you will see improvements in your work and business life. Applying the fundamentals we cover initially, you should see time management improvements that lead to higher revenues in the first 2 – 4 weeks.
Question: How does the group part of the program work?
Answer: Each month there will be a 90 minute group call. The group is non-synchronistic, meaning people begin and graduate from the group at different times. Each participant receives the same sequence of regular email instructions on what to do next. Everyone is submitting their homework responses to Christina. Christina bases the topic and flow of the monthly call based on what would most benefit the group. It can be and educational session or “hot seat” coaching, where group members volunteer to be coached on the call, or a combination of the two.
Are you ready to fully engage the power of your calling earn more in less time and get back to enjoying your family?
YES, Christina, I’m ready for the Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp! Get started and see your overwhelm transform to focused strategies to ramp up the cash and relieve the time pressure in 30 days!

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