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The topic of money and finances almost always involves emotions. For most people, money comes with a lot of emotional and psychological baggage that affects the decisions we make. People often feel overwhelmed and underprepared when it comes to finances. 

Our guest in this episode shares his expertise on how to improve, if not change, our attitude towards finances. 

Scott Samford is a registered representative of The Producers Group, a team of financial service professionals. Scott provides clarity through a process that aims to help you live more securely and to enjoy the life you hope to maintain.

Scott lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is born and raised in Atlanta. He is a husband to his beloved, Megan, and father of Cayden with his second child due in November. He loves to play tennis, sail, and throw a frisbee.

In his spare time, he is pursuing a nonprofit that will minister to the needs of the family through the forms of art, formation, community, and human development. Scott loves his Catholic faith and is privileged to share time with people talking about matters that are close to the heart.

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