Building a Business on a Bootstrap Budget

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The worst part about getting your business off the ground is the immense amount of money you anticipate spending to advertise and brand it. Our budgets can’t stretch on forever, but we need a solid foundation for our businesses to thrive. If only there was a way to start a business with just $5.

On the show today, Sarah St. John will show us how this is actually possible through careful budgeting and the power of podcasting. Podcasting can run miles for a business; in fact, it’s the future of online businesses. From even the most minimalistic budget, Sarah can work with any business to get it soaring in no time. After the business is launched, she even helps you maintain your online business for as low as $100/month.

Sarah is an entrepreneur and podcaster herself, so she has experience in both fields she coaches in. For over a decade, she’s been helping countless businesses launch themselves into financial success.

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