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I believe the Sacrament of Confession is one of the best-kept secrets of the Catholic Church.

I am a member of the lay movement Regnum Christi.  As a member, one of my commitments is to go to Confession every two weeks.  I don’t always meet that goal, but I strive for it.  Over the years, I have experienced that going to Confession more frequently is actually easier than just going once a year.

Every once in a while, the priest will give feedback at the end of the session that hits the bull’s eye with precision and accuracy.  I recently had a confession experience like that.  I had to confess that I had been short and impatient with my kids, and at times harsh.

The priest told me that I needed to be close to Mary in order to be a good mother.

My pride first heard “be a good mother” and inferred that the priest was saying I was not a good mother.  But he was not saying that.  I then felt a sting thinking that the priest was saying I was not “close” to Mary.

But I knew in my heart he was right.

It’s not that I have any hang-ups with Mary or that I am disrespectful towards her.  I make the effort to pray the rosary daily, as another part of my Regnum Christi commitments.  I don’t have a problem with Mary’s status in the Church.

I just don’t know how to relate to a mother like Mary.  I don’t even know where to start really.

But God didn’t leave me hanging for long.  Shortly after, someone recommended True Devotions to Mary and shared similar stories of women having struggles with their relationships with Mary.

I was left with the bittersweet feeling that God, through His sacraments, showed me another part of myself in need of healing.  And He parted the waters of the Red Sea, so to speak, to show me the exact path He had planned to use to make me whole.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationship Tip:  Go to confession this week and then monthly thereafter.


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