Do you and your business need a “wife” to be a success?

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brideThe Gay-Lesbian-Transgender thing is getting quite the buzz in my therapy practice and in the culture in general.  I don’t want anyone to panic when I let you all know that I will be getting a “wife” in the near future.

No, I’m not planning on any hormone therapy or having any kind of surgery to add body parts!

But, I’m a week away from finding my bride.

Last week, I got to spend some time with my branding gal JuliAnn Stitick.  I was literally salivating when she described her relationship with her personal assistant.

Her right hand lady helps her pack her bag for trips and her purse and brief case for her week.  She organizes her outfits for the week, helping her look “put-together” all the time.  She does her groceries, washes her car, prepares her bills, cuts her vegies for dinner, and take care of miscellaneous admin issues.

“Christina, you need a ‘wife’.”

I didn’t need persuading.

I knew I did. Discovering that there really is the perfect “bride” out there ready to make my life run smoothly so I can focus on growing my business and living in my genius make me ecstatic.

It actually turns me on! There needs to be chemistry in that important relationship!

I get excited thinking about getting some relief from the stranglehold of the mundane but necessary tasks in life that really are in the way of where I am and where I want to me.

So, does every entrepreneur need to get on looking for their “wife” right away?

No, not really.

It’s time to get a “wife” when you have the fundamentals set up in your business –the right target market, team, products, funnel, and marketing channels.

Basically, when you know everything is about to bust wide open because you’ve effectively nailed it with an ideal customer that really wants you and a problem you can actually solve.  When you can taste the exact success you’ve been envisioning, before you dive in all the way, it’s time to court and find the wife, so your business and life runs smoothly as you up-level.

Christian Biz Owners on Fire Biz and Life Tip:  A good coach can help you know what you need when you need it in your business to optimize your success. I would love to help you determine that.  Schedule your GPS schedule session now.

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