Catholic Schools Week (Part 1)

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Each grade at our Catholic school is responsible for a specific project. My daughter’s second grade class is in charge of Catholic Schools Week, which is going on this week.

It was easy for me to volunteer and get excited about Catholic Schools Week. I have fond memories of attending Catholic Schools through 10th grade. I have deep appreciation that all of my kids are able to attend our neighborhood Catholic school.

There were two thoughts that went through my mind when I first learned that our oldest son was profoundly deaf. First, I feared he would be isolated like my brother was. My brother was also deaf. Secondly, I experienced a deep sadness that he would not be able to attend a Catholic School.

But God has a way of working things out. Thanks to modern technology (cochlear implants) and many wonderful, open people, Ian is right there with his navy pants and white shirt amongst the other Catholic boys and the Catholic girls in the plaid jumpers at our parish school.

What is even cooler about our Catholic schools is that we are one of the few dioceses in the nation that has a completely stewardship-based system. Any family with children can attend as long as they participate in stewardship giving their time, talent, and treasure, usually a tithe of 8%.

This system of stewardship has made our Catholic schools vibrant with parental and student involvement. Kids from families with all income levels attend, creating a natural diversity. Large families are encouraged–rather than penalized–to send their children.

That all sounds kind of Catholic…doesn’t it?

Hear about the fusion of faith and fun at our Catholic School Week in my next blog.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationship Tip: Support a huge ministry of Catholic education by tithing to your parish.

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