Catholic Schools Week (Part 2)

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On the first day of Catholic Schools Week at Sunday Mass, our parishioners opened their bulletins to an insert with an individual coloring page with the Catholic Schools Week logo colored by a different student at the school thanking them for supporting Catholic schools. At the back of the bulletin were mug shots of our pastor and assistant pastor with the caption “wanted”. The kids could participate in a raffle-like competition. The winner would give his or her teacher the morning off from school. Our priests would fill two hours each as substitutes.

If all that didn’t touch their hearts, hearing a 2nd grader boy or girl, depending on the Mass you attended, come to the front of the sanctuary in his or her Sunday best to give a prepared talk, melted them. The young man at our Mass spoke on how grateful he was for their parish support of Catholic schools and what opportunities he receives because of his Catholic education.

The second day of Catholic Schools Week the kids got to wear their new Catholic schools t-shirts and jeans. The whole school assembled for an electric Religion Bee emceed by our principal and pastor. Teams of selected 1st through 8th graders and kids in every grade in between compete by answering a variety of questions about our Catholic faith. The kids got into it so much, they had to been given a reminder to settle down so we would not have to end the competition early.

Of course there was the luncheon for the teachers. Volunteer parents covered classes over the lunch hour so all of the teachers could enjoy the rare occasion to eat lunch as a group. Hot soups, a variety of salads, deli trays and fruit awaited them, all prepared in loving care by volunteers.

Mid week parents, when dropping their kids off at school, were greeted by 2nd grade families with a muffin and a note of appreciation for their support of Catholic Schools.

Whew…. and we’re only halfway through.

So, why go to all of this trouble?

I suggest that the next time you go to Mass, look to the young people to your left and right.

Then take a look at our world.

If there is something you don’t like, please understand it’s the little people sitting next to you who will be making the decisions and taking the action that will help create a world in line with what our creator had in mind.

To fulfill that vision, we must grow Catholic leaders. Catholic Schools, done well, along with strong parental involvement and initiative, are one of the best ways to do that.

Hear about the grand finale in the next blog.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Say a kind word to a young Catholic person and pray for the development of their Catholic leadership.

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