Change Back Moves

 In Faith

People who come to therapy or who invest significant time and energy into their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth regularly encounter “change back moves”.  While many people  profess to like change, in practice, they resist it.  A developing loved one could threaten the relationship.  Sometimes the change back moves come from inside.  The little voice deep within us often sabotages the transformations we desire.  When we haven’t worked through the accompanying issues, change takes a scary form.

Fear motivates people to, consciously or unconsciously, employ “change back moves”.  A “change back move” attempts to draw us back to pre-change behavior.  It tests our resolve and preparation.  Its aim is to spin us into the discouragement camp, questioning our ability or even desire to embody the changes we’re dreaming of.

Don’t forget   the power and impact of the invisible world.  As many people who have attended a retreat or spiritual conference may have experienced, upon return to “civilian life” you may feel like you are walking in a minefiled   of “change back moves”.  The moves don’t always originate from you or your loved ones.  Our good old friend, The Evil One, has a vested interest in quenching  the fire in your heart as quickly as possible.

The last thing Satan wants or needs is an on-fire Catholic, plugged into Christ and the sacraments, and clear about his or her vision.  The volume of “coincidental inconveniences” thrown like logs in your daily path increases following such a  retreat.  Sometimes Satan reveals himself in an almost comical way  with his excessiveness in constructing one obstacle after the other.  Take it as a compliment; you’re making him feel uncomfortable.

Don’t’ take his antics lightly.  We must take extra precautions as we commit ourselves more deeply to Jesus, because this causes much consternation for the King of this World.

Check out the logs in my path Satan tossed after my last silent retreat in my next blog.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Notice the shape and color of the “change back moves” in your life and ask yourself if you have the needed resources to withstand their pressure.

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