Choosing a Business Niche That Fulfills a Need

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A lot of us dreamed of starting our own business and being our own boss, but may not have known exactly what type of business we wanted to go into. Cafes and shops sound dreamy, coaching sounds fulfilling, crafting would be a great outlet…but the reality is that these business ideas are oversaturated in most areas. If you want to not only stay in business, but thrive as you serve your market and earn the revenue you desire, you’d better have a unique twist to your offering that really makes you stand out. 

Our guest today took a different approach to going into business, by seeing a need that was going unmet in the marketplace, and creating a startup that would fill the gap.

Michael Ly is a series entrepreneur and an accounting professional. He is CEO of Reconciled, an award-winning online bookkeeping firm based in Burlington, VT.  Reconciled has 30 team members working remotely from a dozen states and serving hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the country. They were recognized by Intuit as a 2018 Global Firm of the Future. Michael is also Co-Founder of Humnly, an online HR as a Service firm, and serves on the Accountant’s Advisory Councils for Intuit and Xero.  He was introduced to the teachings of Jesus at a very young age and volunteers as a Pastor with New King Church.  Michael holds a MBA from Babson College and a BS from Arizona State University. 

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