Christian Women Entrepreneurs Change the World

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View From Behind As CEO Addresses Meeting In Boardroom As a Christian woman entrepreneur, you trail-blaze the feminine path to freedom, flexibility, and financial resources. Do you recognize your key role in a worldwide movement?

I am just beginning to see the bigger picture. It’s exciting and humbling!

Marxists and communists promoted disconnection between children and their parents with incompatible work schedules. They also destabilized marriages with the encouragement of promiscuity and lust.

The agenda—creating a dependence on the state above family and God — fueled the economic and political goals of their leaders.

But the whacked out tax system in our capitalistic society has a similar effect. Policies incent large numbers of healthy, capable individuals not to work or to have children outside of wedlock. In exchange, the government provides a subsistence level of income. On the other spectrum, families live overly hectic lives with both parents working to make ends meet.

Either way strains the family economically and spiritually.

With your Christ-centered entrepreneurial spirit, you are interjecting sanity and order into the world. You model how to put faith and family first, to give value to your customers, all while making a positive economic impact on your family’s budget and the world.

Ladies, I know it is difficult to have a profitable business with good life and work balance. I encourage you to keep up the fight!

You inspire others whether you are in direct sales, online work or have a brick-and-mortar business! Other people notice you using your God-given gifts to create a life with money and time to spend as you want.

You show how not just to work, but work in a leveraged, smart way so you can rest, recreate, and invest in relationships. You are bringing your feminine genius into the world. You are helping the world get into a better balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

While you may not feel it some days, you are leading the new world paradigm. Many others are depending on you.

Follow the role models ahead of you. Pay attention to and trust your intuition. And continue to develop the skills, knowledge, and systems that make your business and life work.

God called you to this special role in this specific time in history. Stay rejuvenated and proudly move forward with confidence.

Christian women entrepreneur biz and life tip: Putting what you are doing into context and understanding your “why” helps you tackle the big and small steps to thriving in your business with joy.

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