Consecration to Mary: Just for Super Duper Catholics?

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I have been a Catholic long enough to know that if you really want to be the best wife, mother, and woman you can be you have to stick with the winners. And the biggest winner is Queen of the Universe, Our Blessed Mother.

Having a distant relationship with my biological mother, I’ve always found “devotion” to Mary challenging. It’s not that I am hostile to her; I just don’t think of her much. I strive to regularly pray the Rosary and a third of the time at lunch we pray the Angelus when we’re not in too big of a hurry to eat. Yet, Mary still seems a bit out there for me.

That is probably why my spiritual director recommended I read “True Devotions to Mary”. A friend tipped me off to a dumbed-down version she thought I would enjoy better, “33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration”. This version definitely felt more in my league.

I didn’t really catch the word “consecration” in the title until I started reading the book. While I know a “consecration” is not a mixed drink, I have never really understood what it was. But to be honest, it sounded icky.

As I began reading the introduction, the whole consecration thing started to take on a new meaning. Author Father Michael E. Gaitley said the day he made his consecration totally changed his life, that everything opened up. Then he referenced Pope John Paul II who concurred and added it was the “turning point” in his life. His consecration even influenced his papal motto, “Totus Tuus” or “Totally Yours”.

Okay…now you got my attention. Perhaps a consecration to Mary isn’t so icky after all as I would be in such good company.

Wait until you hear in my next blog the test I had with less than one week of my Marian retreat.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Commit to one thing today that will help you get closer to Mary.

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  • Kelly Wahlquist


    Blessings on your consecration to Jesus through Mary! It is a powerful act to entrust oneself completely to Mary and, as Blessed John Paul II experienced, one that can be a turning point in your life. It certainly was for me and hundreds of others who have done the consecration this past year with “33 Days to Morning Glory.”

    I love this sentence: “While I know a ‘consecration’ is not a mixed drink, I have never really understood what it was. But to be honest, it sounded icky.” So funny and true for so many people. Myself included. Consecration sounded so old and ancient to me, but Fr. Michael Gaitley has certainly proved we can still grasp the beauty in our traditions with new method, ardor, and zeal.

    Looking forward to reading your next blog of the test you experienced, and I invite you to check out the Hearts Afire Parish-based Programs for the New Evangelization. While Fr. Gaitley’s book is a “do-it-yourself” retreat, we are in the New Evangelization, so it’s not a “keep-it-to-yourself” retreat : )(

    In Christ and His Blessed Mother,


    “Let us entrust this time of grace to the Mother of God, proclaimed “blessed because she believed” (Lk 1:45). ~Pope Benedict, Oct. 11, 2011

    • Christina


      Thanks for the encouragement.

      I checked out your website. Wow! I did not know all that was going on. I could see my pastor being open to the “33 Days to Morning Glory” group retreat. He has promoted two excellent parish book studies with Matthew Kelly and Scot Hahn this year. I’ll look for an opportunity to share the idea.

      Best wishes with your ministry!

      In Christ,


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