Creating a Culture of Good through personal and professional ventures

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Corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, giving back. While these are part of a company’s mission statement, oftentimes, the majority of employees have no direct connection to the work that is being done. Instead, they may see a picture of their CEO handing out a giant check or watch on the sideline as another executive is honored for giving back, all the while having no understanding as to how they have personally contributed.

In this episode, we talk about how to turn employees from being passive spectators into engaged contributors to your social enterprise. Think about this: What happens when employees, customers and passion come together? 

A purposeful employee-first culture comes alive.  

Our guest in this episode believes in order for a company’s “Culture of Good” to be successful and meaningful, giving back must be ingrained in the foundation of its core values.  

Ryan McCarty is an author, speaker and co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc.

Ryan’s work has been featured in Huffington Post,, People, Forbes and more. He is featured on podcasts regularly for his profound message on how to operate your business and live your life with a soul.

Check out this episode!

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