Creating Peace to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

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“More time” is something all of us as business owners wish for. In fact, feeling rushed, stressed, and under time constraints for deadlines and marketing and networking is a huge factor when it comes to making mistakes in business or even deciding to close it all down.

Women especially struggle with feelings of guilt and lack of confidence when it comes to saying no to things that don’t serve us in our businesses and our personal lives. The repercussions can spill over into all of these areas, causing us to never be truly present in the moment whether we are leading a meeting, working with a client, or playing with our kids. 

Our guest in this episode, Pam Drzewiecki, teaches entrepreneurs how to create a life that works for them, from sorting the urgent from the necessary, to learning how to be okay with empty space on the calendar, to discovering what really matters most in life and business.

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