Crystal Clear Communication (Part 2)

 In Friendship

It took me five pairs of destroyed shoes to make the connection.  It was hard to determine who  was the “dumb dog” in the Weber home: me or Daisy.  As  Daisy lounged on  my bedroom floor ripping the insole of my blue clogs, it clicked:  I didn’t take Daisy to Annabell’s house.

Since the kids couldn’t safely walk Daisy because she pulled so badly on the leash, she and I had developed the routine of a brisk morning walk around the block, culminating in her joining our neighbor’s dog Annabell two houses down in the backyard for a two- to three-hour doggie playdate.
As the weather got colder I would sometimes skip our walk, thinking it was too cold to have Daisy in the back with Annabell.  Other days I would get too busy and run out of time.

Always a lady Daisy would tolerate my neglect several days.  My epiphany was  that by the  third or fourth walkless day  Daisy clearly communicated her displeasure by feasting on one of my shoes.  Clarice made a similar move when she pooped in Joe’s closet two nights in a row to let him and us know how unhappy she was that we got Daisy.

As humans we would call this communication passive aggressive.  But for animals it is actually quite direct and respectful.

So pay attention to the subtle ways those in your life communicate, which will vary depending of the power factor in the relationship.  And respond appropriately, so they will not metaphorically destroy your favorite shoes.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Be aware of power in your relationships and have greater sensitivity to the communication of those with less of it.

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