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My husband mentioned the colored poster  on the church vestibule wall.  I noticed the circles bulletin  announcement laying on our counter.

With a combination of fear and excitement, I called the church office to get the date and time for the class and the introductory meeting.  I was pleased to find the classes would be held on Mondays, which is great for us.  Boldly, tasting  his receptivity,  I asked my spouse if he would attend the  Dave Ramsey introductory class that was being offered at the church.

My stomach skipped with anticipation when he said “yes”.  After attending the orientation, we signed up for the 9-week course.

A pattern developed in the two weeks between our decision to take the course and the start date of the course.  I call it D.R. Shuffle— the Dave Ramsey Shuffle.  The D.R. Shuffle is the flurry of hoarding and spending activity that transpires between the moment a couple decides to enroll in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and the date of the actual first class.

We were both at some level of consciousness, aware of changes on the horizon of greater spending accountability. My husband and I started a subtle campaign of increased personal expenditures, anticipating blow money spicket about to be shut off.

Like a typical guy, Joe purchased  big ticket items.  After the digital piano (on sale of course) so our daughter could start piano lessons, the electronic bass arrived.  Then the electronic drums and PA system that had already been ordered found their home in our living room / music studio.

My own feminine version of the D.R. Shuffle moved me to amass beauty products.  Mine were less expensive, but still relatively pricey.  I stocked up on my high-end face cleansers and moisturizer, special curly-hair conditioners and premium nail care products.  While I draw the line at plastic surgery, agelessness in a bottle draws me in.

After our first official Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class, our D.R. Shufffle footsteps transitioned into the beginnings of a  waltz.  After just three sessions, Dave taught us how to dance together in harmony to a better beat.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Take your next step to improved financial accountability.

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