Deep Thinkers

 In Friendship

As our youngest entered kindergarten I gain empathy for those families with multiple, older kids moving in all different directions on weekends for various kids’ activities.  Last weekend was one such weekend for us, as my hubby took the two younger kids to Benjamin’s soccer game while I transported Ian and his friend to their cross country meet on the edge of town 20 minutes away.

With fewer in-auto distractions, disruptions, and sibling interplays, it was the perfect opportunity to eavesdrop on the deep conversation transpiring between the two 6th- graders in the van.

The boys were in a cloud of wonder.  One would propose a concept or share a scenario and ask the other what he thought and how he felt about it.  Then they would switch roles.  No one was preoccupied with being cool or posturing to say or do the “right” social thing.

So when we drove past the Bible-belt billboard with the words that popped out of the screen, the conversation grew more profound.  “If you died today, where would you go:  heaven or hell?”  The philosophical road led the boys to the conclusion that the trip to heaven or hell is a one-way ticket to a permanent destination.


What a validation it was to witness how my son grasped such a core teaching of our Church—how he was surrounded by a peer who did as well, and how he shared on such a close, healthy level with his friend, cultivating the space in his soul for an intimate relationship with Christ.

I know there will be some rocky times ahead with new temptations and influences from the culture.  But God has provided multiple means to spiritually form our children.  And Our Blessed Mother walks us through.

My observation doesn’t suggest my husband and I can rest on our laurels.  But basking in that moment increased my confidence that God and the teachings of the Church will not let me down on the most important assignment he has given me:  to get myself, my spouse, and our kids to heaven.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Use the tools the  Catholic Church offers you. Those are your best defense against the destructive influences of the world.

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