Destination Definition

 In Marriage

Part of learning  how to grow my business is to be coached.  My coach prescribes quarterly review of my success plan / business plan,   in a wholistic spirit I set both personal and business goals.  I’ve been a strong advocate of using the best  technology and proven business success techniques to have a robust spiritual life and healthy relationships from a Catholic perspective.

Setting goals challenges us to grow.  Concrete goals guide us on an unconscious level to move towards our target, even if we never look at our printed goal.  But the act of making the goals is an act in itself.  However, people often commit error for having their bar set too low or too high.  There’s a way to get it just right and apply  goal-setting in your relationships.

Instead of setting a goal, define a goal range.  Make a minimum goal and an “If I achieved beyond my wildest dreams” goal.  In business, the minimum goal could be to generate enough income to pay all of your bills sustaining you and your business.  The stretch goal could be to double or even triple your revenues.

This system applies on a personal level , for example, with  a woman  in a strained marriage.  Her minimum goal might be for stabilization by  eliminating the  threats of divorce in the marriage and reduce the negative interactions.  Her maximum goal might be for she and her husband to regularly spend quality time together, regularly laughing, working as a team, and enjoying each other’s company.

So, it’s time ladies for you to start defining your destination so someone else doesn’t end up defining it for you.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Schedule a time in your calendar to review are create your goals.

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