Discerning the Direct Marketing Maze

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Sometimes the most budget-consuming part of marketing is the television ads or internet campaigns. These ads only sometimes work and still swallow huge portions of your business’s budget. It’s difficult to find what works in advertising because feedback can be wavering and unreliable.

Today’s guest on the show will discuss the efficient, modern way to bypass the middlemen in marketing: direct marketing. By utilizing social media, email, and more to reach consumers directly, businesses can attract new clients with this budget-friendly strategy. This form of direct communication yields results fast, and it’s easy to analyze the statistics since the number of responses to your marketing is recorded. 

But not all direct marketing companies and experiences are equal.  It can be difficult to discern good opportunities from fruitless ones. Our guest today has been around the direct marketing block and guide those looking for the right opportunities and how to avoid the wrong ones.

Patti Saponaro has decades of experience in direct marketing and coaches others on how to utilize it to its fullest. She finds fulfillment in sharing the secrets to profiting off of the internet with her clients and lets her love for her family and the Lord guide her. For over 30 years, she has been working with direct marketing and helping others achieve their goals with both their business and their life.

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