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CNN’s Pierce Morgan attempted to entangle Senator Rick Santorum into pledging  alliance  to the potentially new Church Doctrine under Pope Francis that condom use would be licit to prevent the transmission of disease.  Dodging the snare, much like Jesus and the Pharisees, Senator Santorum reminded Mr. Morgan that the Catholic Church is in the business of saving souls, not just bodies.  He added that the problem with the Catholic Church is that its members are humans.

While some argue that her “imperfections” put her in “desperate need” of a course correction, I take a different view.  Peruse the Bible for plentiful and colorful depictions of the human race’s undeniable pattern floundering fidelity to her Divine Spouse.   Concurrently, note how the Holy Spirit always injects just perfect event or person to meet the unique world’s need in critical historical moments.

Consider the Juan Diego and the apparitions of the Our Lady of Guadalupe.  God’s intervening hand turned that infanticide-ridden pagan culture into a dominant force for the Roman Catholic Church.

God has spoken again by placing the Vatican’s palm, with simplicity and Latin roots, Pope Francis. Our U.S. generals and the world could learn volumes from a humble cardinal who lives in a modest apartment, prepares his own meals, rides the bus, and confronts his Argentinean president when necessary.

We live in a gadget-driven culture overconfident and imposing with her technology and knowledge.  In a  world that promotes the  illusion that there are no boundaries to what man can and should do, isn’t a Pope Francis exactly what we need?

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Trust that God knows what He is doing; figure out what He asks of you and do it.

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