Doggy treats…yum!

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The kids and I went to Petco and purchased some cute dog treats for our black lab puppy Daisy. The darling teddy bear shaped goodies were neatly wrapped in a clear plastic bag with precious paw prints splattered along. When we went home I had set them on the kitchen counter.

I had my back to my husband when I heard the rustling of a plastic bag. Before I had time to respond he had grabbed a handful of Daisy’s treats and threw them in his mouth. Seconds later he spit them out and asked, “Are those dog treats? I thought they were animal crackers.”

They did kind of look like animal crackers. His impulse reminded me of how easy it is to make quick judgments in our day that are not accurate. Whether it be opportunities, people, or even what a person seems to be like on the outside, we often get it wrong if we act too quickly.

For instance, after feeling like I had put on a few pounds and had my workouts disrupted the last several of weeks, I had an impulse to sign up for the Boot Camp workout group. Slowing down helped me be in reality. While Boot Camp is tons of fun, getting up for a 5:15 am workout just never worked with my schedule. I struggle enough with getting my needed sleep as it is. Not getting enough sleep has always been a trigger for me to eat more.

Taking our impressions, urges, and impulses to God first can help us avoid metaphorically ending up with a handful of dog treats in our mouth.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: If you want to act quickly, don’t. Pray first.

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