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Looking back on my notes from the Mid-west Catholic Conference, Jason Evert’s talk on “Raising Pure Teens” caught my attention.  Evert is a must-listen-to speaker on chastity and authentic love.  He’s the expert because he applies sound principles–principles that can be applied to other topics.  Notice I did not name this blog “Raising Pure Teens” because Evert’s steps could be applied to “Doing Anything Worth Doing” as listed below:

  1. Pray for/with kids. Going to family confessions highly recommended.  Prayer needs to be the root of any project worth doing.
  2. Set the standard high and make it clear. Our standards should be high in every area.  When they are murky, it’s easy to live in mediocrity.
  3. Be the parent, not the buddy. Know your role and be authentic to it.
  4. Make your house a haven of affirmation, love and praise. Strive for a 5 to 1 and eventually 10 to 1 ratio of positive exchanges compared to uncomfortable or perceived negative exchanges.
  5. Access parent networks. Associate with other parents who live their Catholic faith well and assimilate their habits and lifestyles.
  6. Maintain Internet safety. Have boundaries to protect yourself and family from people, activities, and things that might compromise the goals and  could potentially cause harm.
  7. Keep communication open. Learn the art of expressing truth in a charitable and inviting way.
  8. Don’t just give them the talk; give them the talk thousands of times.  Don’t be afraid to let your Catholic faith ooze from your pores as long as it is accompanied with an abundance of delicate charity.
  9. Get over your insecurities when you talk about things. Be confident, not cocky, in implementing the unique vision God has for you.
  10. Chastity is a virtue.  Virtues are caught– not transmitted– through talk.  Live the virtues in every area of your personal life, as it’s the only way they will be passed on to others.

So, engendering virtue in any way requires hard work.  The good news is that God gives all of us the grace to do it.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Don’t be intimidated by high standards, rather embrace them knowing God gives you everything you need to comply.

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