Healing and Hope for Covid-19 Mental Health Struggles

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The Coronavirus pandemic threw everyone in for a loop. It rushed in out of nowhere, and there’s no end in sight either. Many of us are hanging on the edge from the built-up stress, fear, and financial setbacks. Businesses that you could count on are shut down, and those that are reopening still can’t operate at full potential. This prolonged pandemic has caused the steady deterioration of our psyche. 

Our guest shares her own unique perspective on the pandemic and how she handles it in a tactful, psychological manner. With her approach, daily life during the pandemic doesn’t have to be stressful or bothersome. That sense of normality that you miss isn’t as far away as you think.

With ample experience in psychology, Dr. Suzanne Hollman spent time teaching at Divine Mercy University as the Academic Dean and Director of the Psy. D. Program. She recently accepted a position at Georgetown University. Dr. Hollman, who is of South African descent, studied for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and graduated to further pursue her love for psychology. Suzanne’s insight on the pandemic will provide a whole new outlook to help you through until the end.

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