Dumbed Down by My Smartphone

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By 2015, there will be more than two billion smartphone users, according to the report by Park Associates.

I’ve joined the ranks of smartphone lovers and get in deeper each day with new apps, which I use for my calendar, email, grocery list, notes, contacts, food, music, podcasts, recording.

Well that statistic of smartphone users was one person less Sunday around 8 pm through Tuesday, about 6 am, when I misplaced my smartphone.

I was only at home and then ran to my office briefly.  I searched every section of my car and any nook and cranny around the home and office, to no avail.  Of course the phone ringer was turned off and the battery eventually went dead, so I was unable to call myself to locate it.

I felt completely lost!

I tried to just do my best without it until I located it.  But every time I would do anything, somehow I would have used my smartphone to help me find a phone number, schedule a meeting, etc.  My skin started to crawl from irritation.

I was even a bit perturbed by the Blessed Mother ever since my Marian consecration where I gave her all of the merits of my prayers, etc.  To put it very bluntly and not to be disrespectful, she has not delivered lost goods nearly as well as St. Jude and St. Anthony.

A thought occurred to me that perhaps Mary was trying to teach me patience and about having the proper dependence on God like a good mother would. What a concept!

I acquiesced to the possible expense of purchasing a new phone and the time-draining nightmare of having to reprogram it.  That next morning I had the intuition to look under my kitchen desk….and there it was.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Figure out who you depend on more today–God or technology–and make needed adjustments.

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