Finding Joy After A Loss

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At age 28, Amy Boivard was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and declared legally blind. RP is a hereditary, degenerative eye disease that results in blindness. There is no cure to date. Today Amy has no peripheral vision. She jokes that she is at the end of the “tunnel” vision in her eyesight. She suffers from a dual disability: progressive vision and hearing loss. She is currently undergoing genetic testing to discover the cause of her hearing loss.

In 2015, Amy joined a group of blind professionals who volunteer their time to help others cope with blindness at, an outreach website now under the auspices of the American Printing House.

In 2016, Ohio Valley University, Amy’s undergraduate institution, awarded her the Distinguished Medal of Literature for Mobility Matters.

Though Amy no longer teaches in the classroom, she still educates by speaking to groups about the challenges of sight loss with anecdotes of faith and humor. She blogs about her experiences in hopes of bridging gaps between the sighted and the blind. 

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  • Holly Durbin

    Love hearing people talk and share their stories and information that have RP also! 💜

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