Finding the Missing Link

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Even with all the guidebooks you read and all the advice you ask for, there always seems to be a missing link in your plan for success. Sometimes it might just be budgeting problems, or poor time management, but oftentimes it’s much deeper than that. The key to unlocking success lies in your mindset and approach to life. 

G Michael Price, author of Chase People Not Money:  The Ultimate Business Model,  understands that many entrepreneurs are set up for success, but just are looking for the window of opportunity to launch their plans. His mission is to find and open that window for all his clients, by finding the missing link in their lives. He serves as a guide to their personalized plan for success.

On his own journey to success, G Michael Price has battled through terminal lung injury and a series of life events that left him back at square one. Even through all the difficulties, he picked himself back up and built his way to the top once again. From these experiences, he learned that anything can be overcome with the right mindset and goals. 

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