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I am one of the most unqualified persons to give a personal testimony about flowing well with the seasons, but I will impart to you the power and richness that comes with embracing the rhythm of life in particularly the Church seasons. What makes me unqualified is that I am a day-to-day person. I can’t remember what happened yesterday, and if you asked me if we have plans this weekend I would hesitate and need to look at my Android phone first. I haven’t learned the art of putting the right amount of doing, being, and connecting in each day, but I am working on it.

I am not alone in embracing and enjoying each coming season fully. Those of you prone to sloth struggle, too. It’s hard to get off the couch watching that TV show or ungrip yourself from Facebook. Let’s face it— balancing the moment with planning for the future and making life rich, full, and beautiful seem elusive.

Each liturgical season and even secular season brings gifts and insights when we engage in it. Yet, often the “demands” of the next season leads many of us over the edge and into unproductive behaviors and ways of being. God gave us the seasons for a reason and many blessings come when we receive those blessings.

So, what’s a Catholic woman to do? The first step is to pay attention: ask ourselves what Church or other season we are in. The most effective change will come when we use our strengths. Rather than ignore the season or approach it like our neighbor, consider one new habit we would like to incorporate or one old tradition we want to embellish. Just pick one per season. For me I don’t do well with trying to add more than one new thing to my schedule. I am also more attracted to spiritual activities rather than, say, baking cookies.

For example, we are currently in the All Saints Day plenary indulgence octave. My one goal for these eight days is to arrange it so everyone in our family eligible for the plenary indulgence (had received 1st Communion and 1st Reconciliation) goes to the cemetery each of those eight days. That’s all I plan on focusing on. When we’ve concluded that week, I will raise my head and figure out the next season and what one thing I plan to do.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Ask yourself which Church or secular season you are in, and create a resolution how you will celebrate it.

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