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Off to the second day of soccer practice for our kindergartener Benjamin, Gianna excitedly and carefully packed several toys to play with her classmate Kim, a sibling of Benjamin’s buddy and fellow soccer player Cale.  Last week Gianna and Kim were engrossed with each other sitting on the bench to the east of the soccer practice field.

But this time Kim wasn’t there.  She had stayed home with her older sister.  My heart burned with worry that Gianna might be hurt that Kim didn’t make the same effort to join her.

In the  Kansas heat and wind, Gianna and I sat together on the distant bench eating an orange, part of my gourmet dinner meal for my family.  I asked Gianna if she was disappointed that Kim wasn’t there.  She said she was.  We talked her options on how to handle the situation, and she shared her plans to ask Kim more about her schedule at school.

Then like a poem Gianna described that when you spend time with a special friend you don’t even notice if it is hot or cold outside.

Gianna was careful to have me pick up the three orange pieces that had fallen to the ground, because this is the place where she and Kim play.  And I felt very blessed for the precious moment where I got to peak into my daughter’s soul.

Catholic Women’s Guide To Healthy Relationships:  Since you can’t have quality time without quantity time,  look for ways to just be with the people you love.

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